Team Members

Natalie Woodleigh - Property Management 

Natalie is a proud Aboriginal woman born and raised in Cairns. Natalie’s mother was from Tennant Creek, and Natalie’s father is from the Tablelands. Natalie has an extensive background within administration services honed from her past 15 years of working within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs.

Since leaving high school, Natalie has worked for organisations such as ATSIC, Tharpuntoo Legal Service and Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park.

Natalie is a mother of two children and takes great pride in the values she has instilled in her children which are based on acceptance of all people and cultures, and an appreciation of her own cultural identity of Aboriginality.

Thomas Sagaukuz - Groundsman

Thomas is a proud Torres Strait Islander man born and raised in Cairns but through his family, he is a traditional owner for Thursday Island in the Torres Straits. 

Thomas has worked in mining and construction throughout regional and urban Queensland and is father to four boys and a grandfather to three. He is a single parent to his two youngest boys.

Originally a resident of Three Sista’s, Thomas has demonstrated his commitment to not only his employment but also improving his life circumstances and has been able to secure long term appropriate accommodation within the private rental market.

Thomas brings a level of enthusiasm to his job and this is demonstrated through the reinvigoration of the gardens and grounds that is currently being undertaken.

Maryanne Jackonia - Common Area Cleaner

Maryanne was born in Central Queensland and is of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. Maryanne is the proud mother to 11 children and 1 grand child. Having more time on her hands, Maryanne was keen to return to the workforce (and get away from the kids) and Three Sista’s were keen to have her infectious personality join our team. 

Maryanne brings an amazing dimension to keeping the common areas clean and maintaining the public laundry.