About Us

Three Sista's provides accomodation within a private investment market with wraparound social service support. 
  • What?

    Three Sista’s Pty Ltd was established in 2011 as a social enterprise dedicated to providing affordable transitional/crisis accommodation.

    The uniqueness of the Three Sista’s business model is underpinned by the social mandate that allows us to broker agreements with a range of non-government, private and government organisations to deliver identified services that contribute to our mantra of “a hand up not hand out”.

    Using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems has earned us a spot as Australia’s newest certified B Corporation and the first in Queensland. Certified B Corporations are a new kind of company committed to meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability with the goal of redefining success in business.

  • Why?

    A number of factors contribute to the rationale behind the establishment of Three Sista’s services and these include:

    • High unemployment rates in the Cairns area

    • Shortage of affordable housing options

    • Highest levels of homelessness per capita in Australia

    • Significant numbers of people from Cape York travelling to Cairns for medical treatment and for a variety of reasons not returning to their home communities

    • Gap in linkages between holistic health management and homelessness

    • Cyclical nature of many people within the homeless stream

    • An existing homelessness system which is based in welfare dependency

  • How?

    Three Sista’s has been able to bring the worlds of private investment, government priorities and a commitment to collaborative efforts together to achieve real social change that impacts well beyond an accommodation perspective into longer term outcomes for individuals and families.

    Working with our partners, Three Sista’s is developing innovative tenancy agreements that allow for the inclusion of special conditions that engage families in social reforms and assisting in the reestablishment of a strong family unit.

Our Vision

Our Company philosophies are based on the principles of community development not commercial redevelopment!

Three Sista's

Three Sista's Team

Janet Guthrie and Stuart Wright are the founders of Three Sista's and have a wealth of experience in project management for housing and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commnity Control social and health portfolios
Janet Guthrie
Maryanne Jackonia
Our Partners

Our Services

Beyond transitional/crisis accomodation, Three Sista's is developing a network of social enterprises to promote health and wellness within our organisation's scope.
  • Accommodation
  • Business Development
  • Social Entrepreneaurism
Current Programs in Progress

"With little fanfare and steely determination, the team at Three Sistas are achieving incredible results with Indigenous families in crisis and homeless situations." Gavin King - Member for Cairns

"I would like to thank Three Sista's, for the recognition of our hard work and for the wonderful support that they provide for our people. Would like to take the time to say a special Thanks to a place that only have a small amount of staff, it's a credit to you all. Janet and Stuart you have provided safe and friendly environment for all. You surely are a great team and your hard work is so appreciated. Thanks once again. " Sherisse Williams - Queensland Health Parks and Displaced Program

Photo Gallery

Here is a collection of images showcasing our wonderful facilities and change in progress...

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obeslete...Buckminster Fuller

Three Sista's Milestones

Join us on a journey from humble beginnings to a bright future...
  • May 2012

    Three Sista’s took over management of the Plaza Palms facility

  • June 2012

    Official launch of the Three Sista’s Redevelopment Project – Minister Kate Ellis

  • August 2012

    Three months in and already a massive change and transformation is being noticed

  • October 2012

    Local owners group established

  • January 2013

    Social enterprise expansion on site with the refurbishment of the commercial kitchen and café

  • March 2013

    Plaza Palms AGM – appointment of new Executive Committee

  • June 2013

    University of Sydney – Strategic Business Planning

  • September 2013

    Café operating

  • September 2013

    16 months into the Three Sista’s story and the property is starting to come alive

  • September 2013

    Restaurant and former bar area conversion to multipurpose facility

Three Sista's / Working for Change

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